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A man who’s living a lie—until his dream woman takes away the pain.
Oxford #3
Lauren Layne
Releasing Dec 6th, 2016


Lauren Layne’s bestselling Oxford Series
continues with the poignant, heartwarming story of New York’s most eligible
bachelor, Lincoln Mathis, a man who’s living a lie—until his dream woman takes
away the pain.

Lincoln Mathis doesn’t hide his reputation as
Manhattan’s ultimate playboy. In fact, he cultivates it. But behind every
flirtatious smile, each provocative quip, there’s a secret that Lincoln’s
hiding from even his closest friends—a tragedy from his past that holds his
heart quietly captive. Lincoln knows what he wants: someone like Daisy
Sinclair, the sassy, off-limits bridesmaid he can’t take his eyes off at his
best friend’s wedding. He also knows that she’s everything he can never have.

After a devastating divorce, Daisy doesn’t need
anyone to warn her off the charming best man at her sister’s wedding. One look
at the breathtakingly hot Lincoln Mathis and she knows that he’s exactly the
type of man she should avoid. But when Daisy stumbles upon Lincoln’s secret,
she realizes there’s more to the charming playboy than meets the eye. And
suddenly Daisy and Lincoln find their lives helplessly entwined in a journey
that will either heal their damaged souls . . . or destroy them forever.

Advance praise for Someone Like You


“Fun and flirty, sassy and steamy, with a deep
emotional pull that will keep you turning the pages.”—Kelly Jamieson, author
of Top Shelf

“An unsung hero with a story that touched my heart. Emotional and
gripping. A top favorite of 2016 for me.”New York Times bestselling author Melanie Moreland




is the USA Today bestselling
author of more than a dozen romantic comedies. She lives in New York City with
her husband (who was her high school sweetheart–cute, right?!) and plus-sized
In 2011, she ditched her corporate career in Seattle to pursue a full-time
writing career in Manhattan, and never looked back.

In her ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would
carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books.

For a list of all her works, please be sure to check out her official website!



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Blog Tour, 5 Heart Review, Excerpt & *Giveaway* – I Wish You Were Mine, Lauren Layne

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Oxford #2
Lauren Layne
Releasing on February 2, 2016


Perfect for fans of Alice Clayton and Emma Chase, Lauren Layne’s Oxford series heats up in this
story of forbidden desire as a brooding jock hoping for a comeback falls for a woman who’s strictly off-limits.
A year ago, Jackson Burke was married to the love of his
life and playing quarterback for the Texas Redhawks. Now he’s retired, courtesy
of the car accident that ruined his career—and single, after a nasty scandal
torpedoed his marriage. Just as he’s starting to get used to his new life as a
health and fitness columnist for Oxford magazine, his unpredictable ex shows up
on his doorstep in Manhattan. Jackson should be thrilled. But he can’t stop
thinking about the one person who’s always been there for him, the one girl he
could never have: her younger sister.
Mollie Carrington can’t say no to Madison. After all, her
older sister practically raised her. So when Madison begs for help in winning
her ex-husband back, Mollie’s just glad she got over her own crush on Jackson
ages ago—or so she thought. Because as Mollie reconnects with Jackson, she
quickly forgets all her reasons to stay loyal to her sister. Tempted by
Jackson’s mellow drawl and cowboy good looks, Mollie is sick and tired of
coming in second place. But she can’t win if she doesn’t play the game.
5 out of 5 stars

There’s just something about meeting a new author, and in person no less, that makes you want to read everything they’ve ever written. When I saw I wish you were Mine, I knew I had to have it. I haven’t read the other books in the Oxford series and I haven’t read the Stiletto series either, but I will be reading them all. I’m a fan for life now. Lauren’s writing has the perfect mix of sexy, sweet and funny. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. Jackson is a former Super Bowl winning Quarterback whose career was cut short by a car accident. When he moves to NY to take a new job and start a new life something is still missing. He still wants to be on the field and he won’t get past the anger. He finally agrees to see his ex-wife’s sister who lives in NY. They have been friends since before he married her sister. They used to talk and exchange gifts and he always thought of her as a sister. Until he doesn’t. Until she show up in a killer red dress. Until she’s not a kid sister anymore. She’s a gorgeous, grown up woman. Mollie always had a crush on Jackson. It was always innocent in that kid way, but now that he’s not married to her sister and she’s all grown up, her feelings are still there. When they decided to become roommates, things get fuzzy. Btw, one of the best first kisses I’ve read in a long time! Sexy, hot, funny and just perfect. Jackson makes the first move and wants to try to have something real with Mollie. Will his ex-wife show up just to make things worse? Will Mollie be able to forget that Jackson has a life with her sister? I loved this story! I loved the friendship and humor. I really do enjoy my romance books more when I can laugh! I want to be part of this group of men and women. I can’t wait for more in this series.


“Dark hair, blue eyes. Tall. Chiseled jaw. Muscular.”

“Chiseled jay? What the fuck is that?”

“Look in the mirror.”

“Don’t be weird.”


“Just swap that suit for a tux, and you could totally give Daniel Craig a run for his money in Casino Royale.”

“I think you mean Sean Connery, darling.”

“Nope, you’re definitely a Daniel Craig Bond.”

He pulled open a drawer and took out a kitchen knife, handing it to her. “Here. Just go ahead and stab me.”

“What’s wrong with Daniel Craig? He’s hot.”

“You seriously didn’t have to hire movers,” Mollie said for the hundredth time as she watched two burly dudes easily maneuver yet another stack of boxes to Jackson’s guest room.

Jackson pointed at a barstool. “Sit. Relax. Want a beer?”

“No, I still need to unpack,” she muttered, reluctantly plopping onto the stool.

“Have a beer, Molls. Unpacking your nightstand contents isn’t like operating heavy machinery,” he said, going to the fridge and pulling out two beers.

“Clearly you don’t know what’s in my nightstand.”

Jackson lifted his eyebrows. “Exactly how big is your vibrator?”

“I meant I have like a zillion books.”

“Which are not breakable,” he said, handing her a beer. “And is that a no on the vibrator?”

She gave him a look as she took the bottle from his hand. “I just want to state for the record that I have moved several times, on my own, without the help of movers, and I could have done it again.”

“Moving yourself is for college kids. You’re an adult. Hire movers.”

“No, moving yourself is for people without extra income,” she said. “Snob.”

“So what was the plan?” he asked, tipping the bottle to his lips. “You were just going to maneuver all those big-ass boxes around with those skinny sticks you call arms?”

“Don’t be silly. I was going to hire some big beefy dudes from campus to help me. Perk of working at a university.”

Jackson was about to set his bottle on the counter but his hand froze, just for a second, and Mollie felt a sting of regret as she realized she’d inadvertently hit a nerve. Not so long ago, Jackson Burke had been absolutely the type of muscled guy friend who’d’ve been really helpful to have around on moving day. Her eyes flitted to his shoulder. Now he was the guy who wouldn’t be doing any heavy lifting for a long time. Maybe ever.

She looked away, her brain scrambling to come up with a quick subject change.

Only maybe that wasn’t what he needed—for people to dance around his injury like it was the elephant in the room. Physically, he was on the road to recovery. He needed to get there mentally as well.

“You said the other night that it didn’t hurt,” she said. “Was that a big macho man moment?”

He stared at the counter. “I’ve told you. It’s fine.”

She rolled her eyes. “Please. Be a little more vague and manly.”

“Well, what do you want me to say, Molls?” he ground out. “That the pain wakes me up at night? That any motion more vigorous than brushing my teeth hurts like hell?”

“Are you going to physical therapy?” she asked, purposely ignoring the wounded-bear routine. That might scare off other people, but she was made of stronger stuff. Knew him better.

He looked away.

“Oh, Jackson.”

He shrugged. “What does it even matter? All the PT in the world isn’t going to help me play football again.”

“Well, gosh,” she said dramatically, “you may as well be dead.”

Jackson was in the process of taking a sip of beer and choked. “Jesus. You are such a smart-ass.”

“I’m just saying, you have a lot going for you,” she said, gentling her tone. “You don’t need a football in your hand or to help a girl move to be an amazing guy.”

“Yeah?” he said as he leaned on his forearms across the counter. “Want to tell me more about how I’m an amazing guy?”

If I did, I might never stop.

Lauren Layne is the USA Today Bestselling
author of contemporary romance.
Prior to becoming an author, Lauren worked in e-commerce
and web-marketing. In 2011, she and her husband moved from Seattle to New York
City, where Lauren decided to pursue a full-time writing career. It took six
months to get her first book deal (despite ardent assurances to her husband
that it would only take three). Since then, Lauren’s gone on to publish
thirteen books, including the bestselling Stiletto series, with several more on
the way in 2015.
Lauren currently lives in New York City with her husband
and spoiled Pomeranian. When not writing, you’ll find her at happy hour,
running at a doggedly slow pace, or trying to straighten her naturally curly
Oxford Book One


Blog Tour, 5 Heart Review, Excerpt & *Giveaway* – Status Update, Annabeth Albert

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#gaymers book one
Annabeth Albert
Releasing Dec 7th, 2015
Carina Press
Adrian Gottlieb is winning at life. He’s a successful video
game designer with everything a man could ask for, including a warm comfy ride
to Denver and a date for his sister’s wedding. But he finds himself in need of
a total reboot when he’s left stranded at a snowy campground in Utah. Holiday
plans? Epic fail.
That is until Noah Walters offers him shelter for the night and a reluctant
cross-country ride. Nothing about the ultraconservative geoarchaeologist should
attract Adrian, but once he discovers Noah’s hidden love for video games, the
two connect on a new level. Soon, a quiet but undeniable chemistry sparks.Something doesn’t add up, though. As the miles accumulate and time runs out,
Noah must face the most difficult choice of his life. Meanwhile, Adrian must
decide whether he’s ready to level up. Is their relationship status worth
fighting for, or has this game ended before it’s even begun?
5 out of 5 stars

This is the first book I’ve read by Annabeth and it won’t be my last. Status update has the perfect mixture of humor, romance, heat, emotion and love. I fell in love with Adrian and Noah on page one and I was so invested in their relationship that I had a hard time putting the book down. Adrian has a date for his sister’s wedding one minute and the next he’s abandoned in an RV park with none of his belongingings except his dog. Noah, a witness to the fight that left Adrian alone and freezing, offers Adrian and place to sleep and some warm clothes. Adrian is openly gay, sexy and flirty. Noah is so far in the closet that he can’t see the door, but he’s attracted to Adrian. Their friendly banter is hilarious and Adrian’s flirting is perfect! When Noah’s sexuality comes out, Adrian can’t help himself. There’s just something about this smart, dedicated man that pushes all his buttons. Noah feels old and out of touch with Adrian, but he starts to loosen up when he finds out about the video game Adrian designed. They soon find out they have a lot in common and the sparks start to fly. Will Adrian be able to let Noah get away? Will Noah finally take a stand and be who he wants to be? I loved watching this story unfold. It was emotional and sexy and I laughed out loud! I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


“We both know you wouldn’t have tried innuendo before you discovered my literary inclinations.”

“Your literary inclinations? That might be the cutest things I’ve ever heard.”


“I did not. I don’t want…stroking.”

“Oh trust me, lots of you needs stroking.”

“No. Flirting.”

“Fine, but I’ve never met someone more in need of a little play.”


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Noah knew the dog was trouble as soon as he and Ulysses entered the campground’s off-leash dog area. The little guy—some sort of Chihuahua/mini-pin mix in a yellow-and-green checked coat—stood in the center of the scrubby grass, barking his fool head off. The only human in the dog area sat at the picnic table on the far side, completely absorbed in his shiny phone, oblivious to his dog strutting around like all eight pounds of him would be enough to keep potential threats out.

Ulysses gave Noah a look, like “you really expect me to ignore that?” Noah tightened his hold on the tennis ball chucker. Ulysses never did well competing with smaller dogs for his toys. He unclipped Ulysses with a stern look.

“Be good.”

Still yapping, the little dog rushed over to inspect his new enemy. Predictably, Ulysses wandered away to do his business. He was too old for these sorts of games.

Noah gave a halfhearted wave in the direction of the owner, but the guy didn’t look up from his phone. The young guy was a typical hipster tourist—thick tortoise-framed glasses, artfully messed-up dark hair, with a thick purple streak, falling over his forehead. Slim build, but his wide shoulders stretched his too-thin jacket, making the shiny fabric ripple with his motions. He wasn’t any more prepared for November in Utah than his designer dog. Still, he was a cute guy, if one was the type to notice things like that, which Noah was not.

Noah looked away, studying the sheer cliffs that surrounded the Capitol Reef National Park. Didn’t matter how much time he spent in Southern Utah, he never got tired of the view. Phone guy was missing the light shifting into one of those perfect late fall sunsets that made the early dusk worth the loss of daylight. Pink streaks mingled with gray sky to cast a rosy glow over the scrubby grass and low fence of the dog area.

Rowwwr. Ulysses flopped at Noah’s feet, a deep beseeching whine rattling out of his barrel chest. He was eighty pounds of unhappy. He’d waited patiently all afternoon while Noah worked, and now he was missing out on his ball time thanks to the teacup gatekeeper.

“Okay, but play nice.” Noah threw the ball hard with the chucker toy, going for enough distance to outstrip the tiny dog’s ability to keep up with Ulysses. Not surprisingly, the little guy was tenacious, cutting off Ulysses’s path to the ball. Ulysses gave a warning woof, and Noah broke into a run, heading after the dogs.

“Down,” he called out. Ulysses wouldn’t attack the smaller dog, but he wasn’t above a major tantrum. And despite the smaller dog acting as instigator, people would see the huge black dog and toss out the “aggressor” label. Noah preferred to exercise him late in the day—Ulysses simply didn’t enjoy playing with other dogs, and Noah wasn’t one to force his dog into uncomfortable situations.

The little dog stood over the ball, yapping up a storm while Ulysses barked and growled, ignoring Noah’s command to sit.

Finally, the owner hefted himself off the picnic bench.

“Pixel, baby, what are you doing?” the owner called in a melodic voice that didn’t inspire Noah’s confidence in the man’s ability to control his dog. “Did the big doggie scare you?”

Hah. Typical. Noah snorted. “Can you grab the ball?” He didn’t trust those little dog breeds—too quick to snap. He’d nearly been bitten trying to retrieve a ball more than once.

“Oh sure.” The guy reached under Pixel—typical cutesy name for an annoying dog—and delicately plucked the ball free, but instead of handing it to Noah, he gave it a toss, sending both dogs running.

Oh great. Noah let out a slow breath, little puffs of vapor in the crisp evening air that did nothing to defuse his tension.

“It’ll be okay.” The way-too-handsy guy patted the sleeve of Noah’s parka. “They just need to work it out. Pixel loves to play.”

Noah took a step to the side. Who did that? Touched complete strangers? But the guy kept up his friendly grin, not unlike his dog, who kept gamely chasing Ulysses. Ulysses won the race to the ball this time and hightailed it back to Noah. Not releasing his prize, he whined softly.

“Hey, boy. You got a toy?” The guy knelt to dog level and extended a hand, but instead of sniffing, Ulysses shook his head.

“Sorry. He’s not much on new people.” Neither am I. Noah’s voice sounded rough to his own ears—too many days with only Ulysses to talk to.

“It’s okay.” The guy straightened, then extended a hand to Noah. “I’m Adrian Gottlieb. You been at Capitol Reef long?”

“Couple of weeks.” He returned Adrian’s handshake, hating it when a little buzz shot up his arm. Unlike his own gloved hand, Adrian’s hand was bare, a hint of a tattoo playing peekaboo with his cuff, his grip strong and firm. And Noah had absolutely no business noticing anything more than the guy’s relentless friendliness.

Adrian smiled expectantly as he released Noah’s hand.

“Oh, I’m Noah. And that’s Ulysses,” he added, because dog people always wanted to know all about the dog. No doubt the guy was bursting to tell Pixel’s life story.

“Add-dreeee-an,” a heavily accented voice called from the gate. A beefy guy close to Noah’s age leaned on the fence, bald head gleaming in the setting sun. “I’m lonely. When are you coming back?”

“Coming,” Adrian shouted, then gave Noah a shrug with a “what can you do?” expression on his face. He grabbed Pixel and jogged across the field.

Noah nodded like he knew anything about handling demanding friends. Adrian greeted the mammoth dude with a quick peck. Okay then. Not a friend. He should have guessed, but he was a bit slow about relationship stuff. The country was changing, even way out here, but no one would dare try even that much PDA in his tiny West Texas college town. His stomach gave a weird flip—not quite discomfort, but something else he refused to name. Time to return his attention to Ulysses. He hurled the tennis ball as hard as he could.


Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer.

Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

Represented by Saritza Hernandez of the Corvisiero Literary Agency



Blog Tour, Excerpt & Reviews – Tryst, S.L. Jennings

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A Sexual Education Novel
S.L. Jennings
Releasing Nov 10th, 2015
Avon Books


From New York Times bestselling
author S.L. Jennings comes another scandalously sexy, incredibly hot story
about a woman who knows what she wants…and the two men who are dying to give
her what she needs.

Heidi DuCane is a
tough-as-nails publicist with a passion for success and her husband Tucker.
While they’re polar opposites, what they do have in common is a fierce love and
commitment to each other. But their relationship-in and out of the bedroom-will
be put to the ultimate test.

Rock superstar Ransom Reed is every woman’s fantasy, including Heidi’s.
When she meets Ransom, she shares a wild night with him where Heidi gets to
play-and Tucker watches, and enjoys, the pleasure Ransom gives Heidi. Though
Tucker was a willing participant, Heidi still can’t help reeling with guilt.
There’s no doubt that she loves her husband. While Tucker is the perfect
lover-generous, attentive and gentle-she needs much more. She needs the
mind-blowing ecstasy Ransom offers.
Tucker isn’t blind to the fact that Heidi has unconventional needs which he
can’t satisfy. He loves his wife and will do anything to please her The night
he watched her and Ransom was so scorching hot amnd Tucker can’t stop thinking
about it. He decides he wants to join Ransom in pleasing Heidi. But as Tucker
and Heidi soon realize, it’s not just the sex that is enticing. Heidi felt
something within her awaken, and she felt so deliciously sated and loved by
both men. Tucker felt it too, and he finds it impossible not to want that
feeling again.

Ransom and Tucker satisfy a need within Heidi. And now that she’s had them, she
can never go back to the way things were before.

4.5 out of 5 stars

I loved Taint, so I was excited to read Tryst. I love SL Jennings and her writing. I’d gladly read her grocery list. She just has a way with words that’s perfect. Heidi had a wonderful husband and life, but something’s missing. She’s been trying to get her husband to give her more in the bedroom, but he wants to just make love to her. Sweet and nice and she wants something else. One night, she meets Ransom who just happens to be on her “list.” You know the one. We all have them. She’s floored when her husband agrees to watch Ransom fulfill her sexual fantasy. Watching her husband watch her is the hottest thing she’s ever seen. She doesn’t think she’ll ever see Ransom again, but when she does, something inside her sparks. She can’t get him out of her head or stop her skin from burning just at the thought of him touching her. Will she cross the line of her marriage? Will the guilt be too much for her? There are twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and uncomfortable situations. It’s a little frustrating at times and I wanted to smack them all, but the hotness made up for it. Who would have thought that not touching would be such a turn on? Where’s my fan?


He’s watermarked my heart, and not he can read me like I’m splashed across the front pages of The Post.


Justice is what a woman would deem panty-dropping fine. The man is sex on a stick, covered in rich chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

4.5 out of 5 stars

I read S.L Jennings’s novel Taint and loved it so I was excited when there was going to be another standalone tied to Mr. Justice Drake. Yum….

On the outside Heidi had the perfect life. She is the top Publicist in New York and married to the perfect husband. Too perfect and that is the issue. Tucker is professional, handsome, loving, supportive, safe but he is also predictable and after 10 years, Heidi finds they are in love fells flat…

Tucker is an amazing lover and whispers sweet nothings but he touches Heidi like she is made of glass when she craves him to break her. She needs him to f*ck her like he hates her, to feel that raw passion. And when she connects eyes with her potential client, rock star and man on her Fuck It list, the one and only Ransom Reed she feels that he is a man that can break her over and over again. Then when a game that night goes too far, she finds out more about herself, Tucker and Ransom but did it just tear part her marriage or make it stronger?

Heidi goes through a rollercoaster of emotions after that night. She was surprised by Tucker’s actions and the surprises just keep coming. The three of them need to get away so Ransom can get some much needed rest and since Heidi needs to help she and Tucker take him to Oasis. Once there things heat up and emotions are high between the Heidi and Tucker and Heidi and Ransom. She doesn’t know what she wants and Tucker just wants her to be happy. What if Tucker can become that man that Heidi craves? Can their marriage go on with Ransom in the picture? Is Tucker as perfect as Heidi believes he is? And a can two broken people fix each other?

Ok…so this book was definitely one big rollercoaster ride. I seriously wanted to slap both Heidi and Tucker for different reasons, I also wanted to slap Ransom but then kiss him. He was a complex character that I wanted to get to know better, he was also very sensual and emotional. And the hotness factor was high, the chemistry was amazing. And I even though Drake was in the background I got hot and bothered anytime Justice Drake was in the room. Damn…that man.

I also like reading about married couples, it’s different but real. They have issues but want to fight for the relationship. This couple wants it to work but need to figure out how and if they still have fight in them to do so.

Overall…it was sexy, wild and thought-provoking. Would you really be with someone from your F*ck It list?


It was no simple, rehearsed performance. Every note was a raspy moan on the back of his throat. Every lyric was a threat of pain, violence, and pleasure so deep and fulfilling, it should be illegal. And every movement of his hips was a jolt of adrenaline straight into my core.

I want that beautiful violence.

He shows me the beauty in chaos, the grace in all this filth and sin.


 “I dare
you…to let me touch your wife.”

audible gasp escapes my kiss-swollen lips and turn to Tucker, awaiting his
wrath. He returns Ransom’s intent stare, his expression unreadable. Yet, the
younger man doesn’t back down, cocking a challenging brow at Tuck’s silence. He
remains unmovable, a master at the art of restraint from his years as a shrink.
No doubt he’s had to answer some odd questions, but never any involving his
don’t let Heidi do anything. She has
her own mind…her own body.”
maybe I should be asking her.” A sinister smile on his lips, Ransom angles his
focus on me. “Heidi, would you let me touch you?”
first reaction is to say no—hell no.
But Tucker quickly grasps my knee, capturing my attention.
is what you want,” he whispers. “He…is what you want. And I can accept that.
This is your fantasy, baby. Let me help you make it come true.”
search his face, waiting for him to break into laughter, but he’s completely
serious. My husband is telling me to let another man put his hands on me—his
wife. This isn’t right. This isn’t what married people are supposed to do. But
even as that rational part of my brain lists all the reasons why I shouldn’t
allow this to go any further, my body is already tingling with anticipation. My
face and chest are flush. My nipples harden in exhilaration. And my mouth
waters with the prospect of tasting Ransom’s skin.
God. I do want this. And now the
decision is mine and mine alone.
Ransom asks, awaiting our fate.
Say no.
Say no.
Grab Tucker’s hand and get the fuck
out of here. Go home and make love to him. Let that kind, good, gentle man be
again, Ransom Reed steals the truth from my lips, forcing me to abandon all
decency and sanity. Making me take the sanctity of my marriage and soil it with
my own slick arousal.
In one
single breath, I shatter ten years of devotion, trust and love. And although I
know what I’m destroying by lighting this fire, I can’t do much more than stand
back and watch it all go up in flames.

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S.L. Jennings is a New York Times &
USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance, reality TV
junkie, obsessive coffee drinker and collector of crazy.


Don’t Miss TAINT


Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & *Giveaway* – Major Misconduct, Kelly Jamison

October 26, 2015 By

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Aces Hockey #1
Kelly Jamieson
Releasing Oct 13th, 2015


In Kelly Jamieson’s seductive new Chicago Aces romance—perfect for readers of Sawyer Bennett and Toni Aleo—a fun-loving free spirit tempts an uptight hockey star into opening himself up to love.

As the captain of the Chicago Aces, Marc Dupuis is all business. The apartment he shares with his teammate and best friend, Duncan, is a refuge from the pressures of fame. But when the sexiest woman he’s ever seen interrupts his early morning coffee wearing only a skimpy cami and matching panties, Marc can’t exactly say he minds. Their chemistry is off the charts. Unfortunately, this girl’s no random puck bunny. She’s Duncan’s little sister—and she’s moving in.

Lovey Armstrong could stare at Marc’s chiseled abs and listen to his French-Canadian accent all day. She just has no idea what’s going on inside his head: When he’s not charming her pants off, Marc makes a Zamboni machine seem warm and cuddly. Lovey knows the team’s bro code says no messing with sisters, but all these mixed messages are hard on a girl’s self-esteem—especially since she’s finally getting her new life together in Chicago. She decides he’s worth another shot . . . because if anyone can melt the ice around Marc’s heart, it’s Lovey.


Major Misconduct is book 1 in the Aces Hockey series. Marc is the Captain of the Chicago Aces and Lovey is Marc’s roommate and best friend, Duncan’s sister. Lovey just shows up one day. Moved to Chicago and needs a place to stay. She’s cute, sassy and flakey. When Marc and Lovey meet there are sparks. They are instantly attracted to each other, but Duncan made it very clear that she’s off limits. To everyone. They spend time together, cooking, cleaning and just having fun until one day they can’t hold back the attraction anymore. They hid their “relationship” from Duncan but the guilt is eating away at Marc. He likes Lovey, has a blast with her. She brightens up his day. And, he has feeling for her more than just casual friends with benefits. Will Duncan be able to handle finding out about his best friend and his sister? Does Lovey return Marc’s feelings? I enjoyed a lot about this story. For one, there is actual hockey. I know, go figure, but sometimes you read a sports romance and there’s no sports. Major Misconduct was not one of these books. If you don’t like hockey and enjoy the sport, you won’t like this book. Marc is sexy with a sexy as hell accent. I want to hear him speak French to me. Lovey is quirky and a tad annoying, but when she reveals her reasons behind her attitude, it makes sense. Overall I enjoyed this story. Their chemistry is crazy good and the other men on the Aces team are funny and intriguing.


“Come on. You want this too. That wasn’t a puck in your jeans pressing up against me.

She’d never begrudged Duncan his success. She was proud of her brother. He’d worked hard his whole life to achieve what he had and he totally deserved it. But there had been times she’d wished she had some kind of super talent that would make everyone proud of her.

“You’re giving me the gears before I’m barely in the door. Not cool, Dunc.”

His lips quirked as if he was repressing another smile. He gestured to one of the brown leather couches. “Sit down.”

She sank into the couch and crossed her legs.

Duncan sat across from her. “You don’t quit a perfectly good job just because it’s not your dream job, Lovey. If you don’t like it, you look around for something else and then you quit.”

“Not if you’re moving to Chicago. I had to quit so I could move here. I’ll find something here, I’m sure.”

Duncan thought she was a flighty, impetuous screwup who’d quit a good job and moved to another state on a whim. And she wasn’t about to set him straight on that, because . . . it was true.

Well, to a certain extent it was true. But she didn’t want to tell him about her goals and dreams because . . . because she wasn’t entirely sure she could do this . . . and she didn’t want him saying “I told you so” if she failed.

She pushed down her misgivings and smiled at him. “I just need a place to stay for a while.”

“You can’t stay here.”

Her mouth dropped open. “What? Why not? You’ve got tons of room! Look at this place.” She sat up straight and swept an arm out. “Fifty billion square feet, probably ten bathrooms . . .”

“Two and a half,” he corrected. “And three bedrooms. And it’s only two thousand square feet. Not fifty billion,” he added in a muttered tone.

“Only two thousand. As if one guy needs that much space.”

“I have a roommate,” he reminded her. “Two of the three bedrooms are occupied and the third has no furniture.”

She frowned and sank back into the couch. “Oh. Well. That doesn’t matter. I’ll just sleep on the floor until we can get me a bed.”

“We’re not getting you a bed.”

“Hey, Army, what time are we heading out?” a deep male voice interrupted them. “Oh. Hey.”

Lovey’s head snapped around at the unfamiliar voice and then her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped.

The guy standing across the room wore a pair of boxer shorts and nothing else. Sweet cheese-its, he was hot. Even more muscular than Duncan, he was about the same height. Short brown hair stood in messy spikes on top, and the same golden-brown stubble lay over his chiseled jaw and upper lip. His lips were thinnish but nicely shaped, his eyes a beautiful sky blue color she could see from here, framed with thick eyelashes.

Her gaze tracked over bulky shoulders and arms, a chest that was slabs of muscle and smooth golden skin, a freakin’ eight-pack of abs that literally made her want to drool, then down over the blue boxer shorts sitting low on lean hips, to his bare legs. She blinked at the size of his thighs and the delineation of the massive muscles bulging above his knees. His calves were also strong, covered with more dark gold hair. His long, sinewy bare feet stood on the bare wood floor.

She lifted her gaze back up to his face and smiled. “Hi.”

He blinked, his expression not changing. “Uh. Hi.” He glanced at Duncan. “Sorry, man, didn’t know you had someone here.” He took a step back.

“Dude, go put some clothes on. This is my little sister.”

The guy’s eyes flickered. “Oh. Shit. Be right back.”

“Wait!” Lovey rose and legged it across the carpet in her heels, hand outstretched. “I’m Lovey. It’s nice to meet you; you must be Duncan’s roommate. Marc, right?”

He took another step back but she kept going. He shoved a hand out, maybe to stop her. She grabbed it to shake it.

“Yeah. Marc.”

The faint inflection in the way he said it was . . . sexy. “You’re French.” Her smile broadened.

“Yeah.” He gave her a quick handshake, then released her hand and took two more steps away. “Marc Dupuis. I’ll, uh, be back.”

He disappeared down the hall and she admired the back view. Whoa. Wide at the shoulders, muscled back, deep grooves down the middle that disappeared into the low waistband of the boxers, which did not hide a very firm ass. She gave a sigh of pleasure.


She blinked and turned to look at her brother.

“That’s why you can’t stay here. This is a bachelor home. You can’t live here with two guys.”

She frowned. “Why not?”

His eyebrows flew up. “We walk around half-dressed sometimes. We don’t want to have to be worried about covering up.”

She grinned. “Don’t worry on my account. You . . . phht.” She waved a hand and rolled her eyes. “He can walk around naked anytime he wants.”

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ.” Duncan rubbed his face. “We drink beer. We make a mess. Well, I do,” he amended. “We party. Lotta the other guys hang out here too.”

She shrugged. “It’s not as if I’m not used to your friends hanging out.” He’d played hockey all through high school—well, all his life, basically—and there’d always been a bunch of guys crowding up their Columbia County dairy farmhouse.

“We have girls over.” He gave her a meaningful look.

She laughed, flopping down on the couch again. “I should hope so.”

“You’re not going to be comfortable here.”

She looked around. “I think I could be very comfortable here.” She gave a nod. “This is a gorgeous place to live. Nice view too.” In the distance Lake Michigan was a haze of blue.

“Fuck,” Duncan muttered.

Marc reappeared, now fully dressed, sadly. Although with clothes on he still looked amazeballs hot. “Sorry about that. Didn’t know you were here, uh, Lovey.”

She beamed at him. “No problem. Duncan was more freaked-out than I was.”

Duncan rolled his eyes.

Lovey studied Marc in his clothes—low-rise faded jeans that had to be specially made to fit loosely over those massive thighs, and a long-sleeve black T-shirt. She let out another brief sigh.

He moved to perch on one of the stools at the big island, then stopped as he took in the mess in the kitchen. With a head shake, he began to clean up, tossing cold pizza into the trash, loading empty beer bottles into cartons. “This place is gross.”

Duncan shrugged and leaned back. “You knew that when you moved in. Don’t get all pissy. You don’t have to clean up.”

“I know, I know.” Marc stacked empty pizza boxes into a blue recycling box. “Just can’t stand the fucking mess.”

Duncan grinned. “That’s your problem.”

Lovey looked back and forth between them. Duncan was a slob, no doubt about it. Mom had pulled her hair out trying to teach him to clean up after himself. Apparently none of it had sunk in. Marc, on the other hand . . . seemed to have learned well. Or maybe he was a neat freak.

Nothing wrong with that. Not at all.

Especially when he looked that good while cleaning up.


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Kelly Jamieson is the author of more than thirty contemporary romance novels. She’s a married
mother of two who lives a very ordinary life outside of her imagination. She
likes coffee (black), wine (mostly white), and shoes (high!). She also loves
watching hockey.
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Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt & *Giveaway* – The Heat of the Moment, Katie Rose

September 22, 2015 By

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The Boys of Summer #3
Katie Rose
Releasing Sept 22nd, 2015

The Boys of Summer are back! In Katie Rose’s sweet, sparkling novel, the newest New Jersey Sonic falls for the woman who’s trying desperately to save his career.

Physical therapist Jessica Hart has learned her lesson: Never date professional athletes. She’s been down that road, and barely recovered after the relationship crashed and burned. Then Jessica meets Gavin King. An All-Star slugger with chiseled good looks, Gavin was traded to the Sonics because he hurt his knee sliding into second, and now his future is in her hands. Gavin’s no bad boy—but he’s tempting enough to make Jessica think twice about all her rules.

Gavin is trying to find a comfortable routine. If he wants his old life back, he must take it easy, stay out of the limelight, and keep his distance from gorgeous redheaded physical therapists. The thing is, Gavin isn’t the kind of guy to sit on his ass and let other people pull his weight. And when he sees something he wants, he can’t help but fight for it, even if it means risking everything, even if it only lasts a single moment: like one kiss from Jessica.

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4.5 out of 5 stars


The Heat of the Moment is the third book in the Boys of Summer series by Katie Rose. I didn’t read the first two, but I wasn’t lost at all. This is a good, sweet and sexy baseball romance. Some sports romances say they are, but have no actual sport in them. This one does and I loved it. Jessica Hart is a physical therapist who’s had her heart broken by a baseball player in the past, so she swears off all players. Gavin King is injured and new to the New Jersey Sonics. He’s gorgeous, dedicated and a good guy. They have to work together a lot and Jessica feels her resolve start to break, but she’s terrified. What if she takes a chance on Gavin and he breaks her heart? Gavin really is a good guy. He’s handsome, caring, sexy, funny, and determined to heal and play again. He’s attracted to Jessica, but it feels different this time. He wants more than a casual hook up and he’s going to make Jessica realize he’s not going to hurt her. Gavin and Jessica are great together. They have fun and they work hard trying to get his strength back. I love the secondary characters: the team and her brothers.


“This sure isn’t California.”

“You can say that again.” Cody grinned. “Welcome to Joisey.”


As if that weren’t enough, those green eyes reminded him of an emerald pool. If he fell into those eyes, he had a feeling he’d never climb out…


He looked hot. Not just gorgeous, powerful, make, and sexy, but hot.


“Okay, let’s try the crunches with your feet a little higher on the bench. If that goes well, we can add it to your routine.”

Jessica Hart bent over to arrange the baseball player’s sneakers in the proper position on the bench, completely missing the once-over he gave her. Clad in sweats and a tank top, her copper-colored hair in braids and a Sonics cap on her head in an effort to restrain a multitude of curls, she was the kind of woman who wouldn’t appreciate a lascivious glance.

But when she rose, Roger Adams couldn’t help but openly admire her toned athletic body, biceps that rivaled those of some of the players, and the sheer strength of her physique as she tossed one leg over his trunk and positioned his shoulders in a perfect square. Her face was intriguing, with a turned-up nose and a sprinkle of freckles, her green eyes intense, and somehow her workout clothes only enhanced a feminine beauty that seemed innate.

“Christ,” Roger moaned even as he lifted his back off the floor. “I’m sick of working out. Besides, I have a groin injury. What the hell do crunches have to do with that?”

“Everything,” Jessica said firmly. “These exercises work your core. If your body is balanced, injuries are a lot less likely. Besides,” she added, giving him a thoughtful look, “Matt Carpenter never complained about a few sit-ups. But then again, he was in much better shape.”

That did it. Roger threw himself into the workout, determined to show her and Matt Carpenter that no one bested him. Squatting beside him to count, she hid a grin.

As the new sports therapist for the New Jersey Sonics, Jessica knew more than she ever wanted to about motivating athletes. She had grown up in a house full of brothers, all of whom went on to play pro sports. So she understood how they thought, what made them tick. She also knew that even though they were bigger and stronger than she was, they weren’t a damn sight better.

When she was in high school, her physical education teacher suggested she take up cheerleading, and she had laughed out loud at the idea. The thought of standing on the sidelines with a couple of pom-poms, a ponytail, and a push-up bra was totally ridiculous to her. Instead, she wanted to compete, to be treated as an equal. Unfortunately she discovered that for a female, the world hadn’t gotten there quite yet.

So she became a sports therapist, utilizing her skills and knowledge of the male athletic psyche to become a successful trainer. After a few temporary positions, she got offered a job in New Jersey thanks to her brother Rory, and established her reputation among the jocks.

The position was just to her liking: the Sonics were a fairly new team, filled with reckless young rookies looking to make it to the big time, players who would certainly get hurt and need her help.

She was on board.

“That’s fifty,” Roger said, collapsing on the mat, puffing from the exertion.

“It was forty-eight. But I guess if that’s all you’ve got in you . . .” She shrugged indifferently.

He completed the last of the set and went on to add five more, hoping to impress her. But she was already preoccupied with the weights on the wall, carefully selecting a pair of dumbbells for his next torture.

“Give me thirty reps, the first ten slow, then pick up the pace. We need to get these arms in shape.” She indicated his biceps. “No wonder you’ve hit zero for twenty.”

His eyes blazed, but as she’d predicted, he worked even harder. By the time they were done, she almost felt sorry for him. Roger was dripping in sweat, red from exertion, and trying to hide his puffing.

“Okay, you’re done for the day. Good work.”

He beamed like a three-year-old who had been praised for putting away his blocks. Rising, he grabbed a towel and proceeded to blot some of the sweat that now gleamed from his torso. Tossing it aside, he approached her with a speculative look in his eyes.

“You know, we work together every day and yet we don’t hang out. Why don’t we grab a few beers, get to know each other?” He gave her his most charming grin and reached up to finger a lock of hair that had escaped from her cap.

Jessica burst into laughter. “That’s very flattering, but no thanks.”

“Why not?” He seemed genuinely puzzled. “Some guy screw you over?”

She froze for a second before putting the mat away, and then she turned to look him in the eye. “Not that it’s any of your business, but with the exception of my brothers, I don’t care for professional athletes.”

“Why?” Roger asked, bewildered.

“Because you all have egos the size of the state of Texas, and you want to screw everything that moves. You don’t care about anything but the game and yourself. What about all that would be appealing to me?”

“Come on, we’re not that bad,” he said with a smirk and tried to pull her into his embrace.

She laughed and threw a fresh towel at him, chuckling when it smacked his head. “You are exactly that bad. Hit the shower. Same time tomorrow. Got it?”

Roger grinned. “Yeah. I get it.”

She hoped for his sake he did.

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Award-winning historical author Katie
Rose makes her contemporary debut with the Boys of Summer novels, Bring on the
Heat and Too Hot to Handle, which combine Katie’s true loves: baseball and
romance! When not watching baseball, Katie is at her lake house in New Jersey,
hard at work on her next book.