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Strange and Unusual

Battle Crows MC, Book 

Lani Lynn Vale

Release Date: August 23, 2022


About the Book

The moment he divorced his ex-wife, Jeremiah decided two things.


One, he would never, ever get into that kind of situation again—i.e., marriage.


Two, he would spend more time doing what he loved—baking, riding motorcycles, spending time with the Battle Crows MC, and getting some quiet time for just himself. Pretty much doing the things he enjoyed, that his ex-wife could no longer ruin.


And, months after his divorce was final, he’s held strong.


He hasn’t gotten entangled with a woman. He’s opened his own bakery. And he’s never been closer to his club.

It has to be why he allowed them to have a massive club party at his place, which became the cause of Gracelynn Barry entering his life.


If he’d known Gracie was going to be his employee, he definitely wouldn’t have slept with her.


Yet, there he is, in the middle of an interview, finding out not only was the woman he slept with the most viable applicant for a job he very much needed filled, but that she’d recently broken up with the man he loathed. The second reason he’d divorced his ex-wife. Erich. His ex-stepson.


To say life is simple for Jeremiah would be a joke of epic proportions.


It’s time for him to buckle up.


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Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Strange and Unusual is the sixth book in the Battle Crow MCs series by Lani Lynn Vale. I’m really enjoying this series and I’ve been waiting for Jeremiah’s story. Lani didn’t disappoint with the humor, sexiness and emotions. Jeremiah and Gracelynn realize they have a lot in common when they first meet. After spending some time together they like each other more and more. And in a twist of fate, she’s interviewing to be his new baker at his bakery. Jeremiah is still dealing with his ex-wife and he isn’t interested in getting involved with another woman ever again. Until Gracie. There’s just something about her sassy mouth, curves and how much fun they have in the kitchen. She doesn’t take his crap or let him get away with being a jerky boss. Jeremiah and Gracie share a past enemy and things get very complicated and very scary. I was shocked! I know Lani likes to throw us curve balls, but whoa! We get to see more of Bram and Dory and I can’t wait to see what their full story is going to be. I love seeing all our favorite club guys and their women!a


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