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Foes & Cons by Carrie Aarons is now live!

Sawyer Roarke was my best friend.

Growing up, our families were inseparable. We spent summers vacationing at the beach. In the school yard, it was us against the world. Then puberty hit, and we skated the thin line of staying buddies, or becoming more.

Until I accidentally found the pros and cons list he made about whether or not to date me. And there were definitely more bullet points on the no side. Acting out of rage and hurt, I embarrassed him in the most public way possible. Now, we’re enemies.

We’ve spent the last two years tearing each other to pieces. Everyone knows that Blair and Sawyer hate the ground the other walks on, and unfortunately, I got the unpopular end of the stick while he became Mr. Prom King.

Until senior year starts, and I’m tired of running scared. For the first time ever, I stand up to the golden boy with the whip-smart tongue. As the challenges and dares pick up speed, hearts start to fall and feelings get entangled. Despite my initial discovery, I wonder if being caught by each other wouldn’t be so bad.

Except Sawyer has no idea what I found all those years ago. And if the truth comes out about why I pitted us against each other, not only will he add one more con to his list … but he can add my broken heart as well.

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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Foes & Cons is Carrie Aarons’s newest standalone novel. I have read most of Carrie’s books and have loved them all but this one might just be my favorite! I love bully romances and this is one but one the lighter side of dark ones. It’s the perfect blend of bully and sweet. The synopsis is awesome so I will make this short. Ok, if you follow my reviews…I see you rolling your eyes. Lol
Sawyer and Blair have been best friends since well…forever. Their dads are business partners and best friends. They have been together for every holiday, celebration, and losses. Then at sixteen, it all changed in one night. It started with the pros and cons list and ended with seven minutes in Heaven. A few weeks later, they were enemies. Everyone in school knew it. It was not a hidden secret but what was a secret was the reason for the broken friendship. And now, after two years of torture, pranks, and evil eyes it was coming to a head…
Blair was not going to cower anymore. She was done. It was their senior year and she wasn’t going to let her asshole ex-best friend ruin it. She changed over the summer and her confidence was at an all-time high. She hated the distance between them but just because he made her weak in the knees she wasn’t going to let him walk all over her. She was over it until it was all too much.
Sawyer has always been confused about his feelings towards his best friend turned nemesis. You know what they say about that thin line between love and hate. He was there right on it. Will this year be the year he crosses the line? Will he destroy them forever or go for it?
Ok…I am rolling my eyes too. I can’t help it!! This book is addicting. It has the perfect mix of angst, lust, love, and hate. I wanted to slap Sawyer then hug him. The ass. I love Blair, she comes into her own and takes names. Together, I felt the connection between them. The tension too. Good and bad. Yum!
“I told you I wasn’t playing around. You want this to stop? Fade into the background, like you were meant to do. Or I’ll take everything you love about this school and this town.”
“I’m not waiting until midnight.”
“We don’t need to know how to tango. I can read your body like my favorite book,” he whispers in my ear, so low that the hundreds of other people in the gym don’t hear.

Meet Carrie Aarons


Author of romance novels such as Fool Me Twice and Love at First Fight, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the love stories of her imagination, and the athleisure dress code, much better.

When she isn’t writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She’s a Jersey girl living in Texas with her husband, daughter, son, and Great Dane/Lab rescue.
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