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Headhunter: A With Me in Seattle Mafia Novel by Kristen Proby is now live!


Things have never been more intense in New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle Mafia series…

As the son of one of the States’ most prominent mob bosses, Shane Martinelli’s always been immersed in society’s shady underbelly. Learning to navigate it and keep to the edges was working just fine until an acquaintance turns up missing, and he fears the worst. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he hasn’t stopped thinking about her. Luckily, as an ex-special operative, he’s uniquely qualified to track her down and keep her safe. Unfortunately, nobody’s making that easy–not the people who took her nor the woman herself. Ivie Jordan has led a pretty uneventful life, and that’s just how she likes it. Especially since she’ll be the first to admit that she doesn’t do so well in social situations. She’s a proud business owner, and while she doesn’t have family, she does have a network of people who look out for her. Little did she know that being accepted into that fold came with a laundry list of issues. When the worst happens, and she’s forced to rely on the ruggedly handsome alpha hero who comes to her rescue, she discovers her inner badass–and the sultry vixen on her other shoulder. Too bad the two of them are literally running for their lives and trying to ensure the safety of those they love. There is way more at stake than meets the eye. It’s time for the hunted to become the hunters.  

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Audible: https://adbl.co/3lVLFV2

Narrated by: Kirsten Leigh & Lee Samuels


Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2L5Q9db


Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Headhunter is the second book in the With You in Seattle Mafia series by Kristen Proby. You can read each book as standalone but I recommend reading them in order since they are connected by the Martinelli brothers. Plus, the women are friends!
Shane wanted Ivie the moment he saw her at a wedding a few months ago. Since that day they have become friends flirting on the edge of more at a distance. She was in Seattle while he was in Colorado. So, when Ivie was taken by an unknown man he was ready for a fight. To kill. It’s a good thing he has connections and determination to find the woman who took a piece of his heart with her the day they met.
Ivie thought she disappeared from this life. A life of the underground. That was until she was kidnapped and had no idea where she was when she woke up. She knew the Martinellis would find her but there was no ETA in this kind of situation. And when it was over, she was only taken somewhere else. Shane’s hideaway and he was not about to let her go. He was going to protect her at any cost. The danger wasn’t over…
It was just the beginning.
I love Shane and Ivie! They are both total badasses even with her klutzy ways. Their story is full of suspense, laughter, heat, and love. And of course family! I can’t wait for the next book. Omg! It’s going to be be so f*cking good!
She closes the door behind her and turns to walk my way. Suddenly, she trips and lands on the bed, hard.
“Sorry, I didn’t see the floor there.”
“The Martinelli brothers are ridiculously sexy. Like, their gene pool must be made of gold.”
“How do you do this to me when I’m still fully clothed?”


Meet Kristen

Kristen Proby has published more than forty titles, many of which have hit the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists. She continues to self publish, best known for her With Me In Seattle and Boudreaux series, and is also proud to work with William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins, with the Fusion and Romancing Manhattan Series.

Kristen and her husband, John, make their home in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana with their two cats.

Connect with Kristen

Website: https://www.kristenprobyauthor.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6550037.Kristen_Proby

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2BD4vfq

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BooksByKristenProby/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/684662744993031/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kristenproby/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Handbagjunkie

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/kristen-proby

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/handbagjunkie/

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