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Title: Healing Hearts
Series: Hope River #3
Author: Margaret McHeyzer
Genre: Small Town 
Friends with Benefits Romance
Release Date: April 9, 2021




We started out as friends with benefits, we were never meant to be anything more.


I was content with how we were, but feelings developed and Charlie was asking for something I couldn’t give.
However, my past is standing in the way. He wanted all or nothing…
Losing him isn’t an option, but is the possibility of having my heart broken a risk I’m willing to take?




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5 out of 5 stars
Healing Hearts is the third book in the Hope River series by Margaret McHeyzer. You can read each book as standalone but I recommend reading the series since they are all unique in their own ways. Plus, tied together but the cutest small-town with the best gran ever.
Tabitha and Charlie had an agreement. A no-strings attached booty call situation. That was it. Sex. Sex. And more sex. And in secret. It’s a small town after-all. Tabby didn’t grow up in Hope River but loved to visit her aunt and has decided to lay down her roots at twenty-three in town. Charlie was one of the newest residents. It wasn’t planned but when his sister, Hope stayed, he did too. When he saw Tabitha he knew he wanted her. And being a no-relationships type of guy it was the perfect situation when Tabby said she was on the same page. It was a guy’s wet dream until he wanted more and she pushed him away.
Tabitha can’t give him more. The only person she has let in is Aunt May. Her parents weren’t ever around. Friendships have been broken. She can’t trust that Charlie won’t walked away. Won’t love her enough to stay. So, why start something, right?
Wrong! Charlie isn’t having it. And I love that about him. I can’t say anything more but I will say that these two have some healing to do. Can he break down her walls?
I have loved this series. It’s definitely different from Margaret’s other books and I love that she did that. It’s not better. It’s not worse. It’s different. I believe this is the last of the series but I am not sure. There is definitely some characters who I would love to find love.
She’s wearing a flowery dress that comes to her knees, and her fucking hot black cowboy boots. There’s something about her in cowboy boots that makes me want to do dirty things to her.
“Hope River, a small town where everyone is willing to help. Ha, maybe that should be the motto.” I chuckle. “And everybody knows everyone else’s business.”
“You’re undressing me with your eyes, Pop Rock. And I’m shamelessly loving it.”


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**Write something worth reading**
I’m Margaret and I’m a self-published author.
Recently I was fortunate in obtaining New York Times best-selling status on my YA/NA book – Ugly, and my YA book – Mistrust.
My last six books have been YA and I’m completely in love with the genre. I love being able to communicate with people through my words and stories.
My writing genres all differ, but the one thing I keep consistent is my heroines. All my female lead characters are strong, gutsy and not the ‘perfect’ woman. While my books all have romantic elements in them, they aren’t just about the romance. They’re about finding strength, acceptance and making life long connections.
I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I have while writing them.





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