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Thou shalt not bang your best friend. That commandment would be a lot easier if Maddie wasn’t the sexiest siren ever to wade into a tide pool. Or if I was good at resisting temptation.

I’m the troublemaker, the firefighter who enjoys getting a little too close to the flames. And the trouble is double, since Maddie’s sister is about to marry my brother. That makes a tryst even riskier.

But it’s cool—we’ll keep our bang-a-palooza a secret from our siblings and keep things casual, so no one gets hurt.

The problem? Nothing about this thing with Maddie feels casual.
From the electricity between us to the way my heart flips when she smiles—everything I feel for her is intense.

But can we handle the heat when my past—and hers—suddenly come back to haunt us…



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Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Playing with Fire is the third book in the Hometown Heat series by Lili Valente. What a great addition to the series! This is Jamison and Maddie’s story. Lili kicked up the heat for this one! It’s well written with the perfect mix of humor, sex and angst. I loved it. It’s a sexy friends to lovers story with a lot of heart, a little angst and a lot of heat! I have loved Jamison and Maddie throughout the entire series and I knew there story was going to be great! I loved Maddie’s sense of humor and Jamison’s sexy mouth. I also loved that we see MICK! 🙂 (Yeah, I might have a little problem.)


Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Playing with Fire is the third book in the Hometown Heat series by Lili Valente. Lili has re-written her Jessie Evans’ Fire and Icing series and I love it. It’s my first time with these characters and I love them and their small town. Each book can be read as standalone but I recommend reading the series. 

Maddie and Jamison have known each other their whole lives. They have always just been friends but a few months ago there was an almost kiss that both of them haven’t forgotten but haven’t talked about. Now, they are both at a singles’ camping trip with 33 other singles ready to mingle. They decide not to get into each other’s way. That was until Maddie drinks whiskey and dares him to go skinny dipping in the ocean. It’s one hot night as friends but will it turn into more? 

Maddie and Jamison have to be in the DL. There are some events coming up with the family and don’t want to rock the boat if they decide to split ways. Jamison hasn’t exactly been a relationship guy in the past and Maddie needs time to learn more about Jamison and his dating ways. She has always loved him as a friend but that doesn’t mean they are meant to be more than friends. Jamison wants her. He just needs to prove to her that she is special. 

I loved this couple!! I have been falling for both of them since meeting them in All Fired Up. Jamison is just so yummy, sweet, and I would totally fall in his smolder-web. Maddie is a sweetheart who wants to feel real love. She also has a dirty side she has been hiding. Together, I loved their banter, sexy times, and loyalty. They made me get hot and bothered, laugh, cry, and swoon. 


“Come and swim with me, Jamison,” I say. “I dare you.” 

One heated look and I’m ready to get naked and shameless. 

“I like the way you think.” 
“And I like the way you kiss,” I say, pushing him reluctantly away. “So we’d better stop before my irresponsible side takes over.”


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