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On the 2 by Felice Stevens is available now!

Grab your copy of On the 2 by Felice Stevens today


About On the 2

First rule of riding the subway:

Don’t talk to strangers.

Don’t even look at anyone.

But what if they’re grouchy and gorgeous and you’re sitting right next to them?

I always did like a challenge.

I want to turn that frown upside down, but he barely looks at me.

I take a chance and poke the bear, and to my shock, he plays along and growls back.

The more we meet on the train, the more I realize he’s not the uptight grump I first thought. Then one night, there he is—in my world, in my space…his tongue in my mouth.

Mind blown.

But I’m no fool. A man like Nash Roman doesn’t date a guy who sells suits at Macy’s.

Nash is prep school and Ivy League, and I’m night school while working two jobs to pay bills. Nash is fine wine, expensive restaurants and handmade suits, and I’m beer, corner takeout, and a lucky find at Goodwill.

What am I—street-smart Ethan Moreno—doing, playing in his world? This man is older than me, way richer than me, and has already made it clear he doesn’t believe in love. I should walk away. Instead, I’m falling for him. Hard.

Nash couldn’t care less if his father doesn’t think I’m good enough or if people gossip because we’re so different. I need to trust in him and us, but I’ve been burned before.

And just like the Uptown Number 2, sometimes you have to travel a different route to get to the final destination:



Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

On the 2 is Felice Stevens’ newest standalone m/m romance and I am here for it! Felice’s stories always make me laugh, cry, smile, get hot and bothered and give me hope. Ethan and Nash meet on the 2 train. Nash is older and grouchy and Ethan is young, talkative and happy. It’s the perfect New York story of opposites who randomly meet on the subway. Nash doesn’t want to like Ethan. He’s too young, too handsome. But he can’t stop thinking about him and waiting to see him the next morning. Ethan loves riling up the older man. He’s just being friendly, but damn if he isn’t attracted to Nash. They finally exchange names and when Fate steps in one night and they find themselves at the same bar, it is on! But then Nash is afraid what this means. He’s been so used to working and being alone and Ethan makes him feel things he’s never felt. He wants to be with him, but he’s scared. Ethan isn’t afraid to be with Nash. He wants him more than anything. They have crazy chemistry and more in common than they think. Nash doesn’t care about Ethan’s status or what anyone thinks, but Ethan does. He doesn’t want to look like he’s only with Nash for his money, because he’s just not. On top of this, Nash is still struggling with his relationship with his father who broke his heart when he was a kid but wants to make it right. When Nash realizes his life is better with Ethan, he will stop at nothing to make him his. Forever. I loved these two so much! Their sexiness, their banter, their humor. Just everything. I also love Nash’s friends, who are from previous books of Felice’s that I haven’t read, YET! This story has everything you want in a romance. Fun, sexiness, humor, friends, family, loyalty, lust and hope. Oh, and a happy ending!


Meet Felice Stevens

Felice Stevens writes romance because what is better than people falling in love? Her favorite part of a romance novel is that first kiss…sigh. She loves creating stories of hopes and dreams and happily ever afters. Her stories are character-driven, rich with the sights, sounds and flavors of New York City and filled with men who are sometimes deeply flawed but always real.

Felice writes M/M romance because she believes that everyone deserves a happily ever after. Having traveled all over the world, she can safely say that the universal language that unites people is love. Felice has written in a variety of sub-genres, including contemporary, paranormal and has a mystery series as well.

Felice is the Lambda Literary Award winner for Best Gay Romance for her book, The Ghost and Charlie Muir, and the e-Lit gold medal winner in romance for Broken Silence.

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